Mineral Ridge is a tremendous untapped, drill-read and fully permitted site, with current gold resources in excess of 350,000 ounces.  Initially, exploration will focus on the down-dip and strike extensions of the Drinkwater, Mary, Mary LC, Brodie NW, Custer, Bunkhouse and the Oromonte pit areas outside the existing Mineral Resources and  Mineral Reserves material previously defined. Examples of select drill intercepts that require follow-up are:

  • Oromonte target area;
    • 1.17 oz gold per ton over 25 ft or 40.1 g/t gold over 7.6m
    • 0.55 oz gold per ton over 30 ft or 18.9 g/t gold over 9.1m
    • 0.49 oz gold per ton over 13 ft or 16.8 g/t 13.2 gold feet 4.0m
    • 0.31 oz gold per ton over 40 ft or 10.6 g/t gold over 12.2m
  • Custer target area;
    • 0.47 oz gold per ton over 15 ft or 16.1 g/t gold over 4.6m
    • 0.34 oz gold per ton over 30 ft or 11.7 g/t gold over 9.1m
    • 0.28 oz gold per ton over 40 ft or 9.6 g/t gold over 12.2m
    • 0.24 oz gold per ton over 25 ft or 8.2 g/t gold over 7.6m

Seven additional targets, outside the production areas, have been identified for immediate exploration drilling.  These targets include: North Springs, Chieftain, Vanderbilt, Custer Ridge, Drinkwater NW and Tarantula.  These targets have been prioritized based on surface sampling of high-grade gold and/or a combination of structure and lithology hosting anomalous gold. 

Mineral Ridge highlighting areas of previous mining, planned mining and exploration target areas.

Limited surface rock chip sampling results for the Mineral Ridge claims.

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