Nictoria Bates

Nictoria Bates

Nictoria Bates

Administrative Assistant

Nictoria Bates is an Administrative Assistant at the Empire State Mine. She is the first person that most of the surface employees see when they arrive at work in the mornings. 

Nictoria started working at the mine in the spring of 2018, and had previously worked at a mail-order pharmacy in Gouverneur. Her duties include answering the phones, managing guests, ordering supplies, facilitating visits by recruits, and, as she adds, any other task that is needed.

“I’m kind of a go-to,” Nictoria said, “Every day, there’s something different to do, and I enjoy the variety.”

She also posts the market price of zinc each day for ESM’s employees. She likes this part of her job because it helps her to stay on top of this aspect of the business and makes her feel more invested in her job.

Working at the mine is important to Nictoria in a few ways. She grew up in Gouverneur – her childhood home is just down the road from ESM – and enjoyed her experience in the local schools. Because Nictoria works for ESM and lives nearby in Gouverneur, her infant son, Jason, will also attend the local schools one day. Additionally, most of her family lives in the area which is a big positive for both Nictoria and her son.

Nictoria’s history in the area means that she has plenty of friends and knows all the best places locally to enjoy outdoor sports. She likes to go snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. “Some of my friends have gone away for work and school, but it’s nice for me to be here, because they can always come home,” she said.

Nictoria also likes that her schedule allows her to go home to her son every night at the same time. Her work with ESM gives them the stability they need.

Further, mining is part of Nictoria’s legacy. “My whole family has mined here,” Nictoria said, “Even if I don’t go underground at ESM, it means a lot not only to me, but also to them, that I can work here.”

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